Arriving at Universal Orlando Resort – Transportation Hub, Security Checkpoint & Ticketed Entry Process

Whether you are arriving by car, taxi, bus, drop-off or shuttle, you will begin your journey by passing through an expansive, elevated Transportation Hub that includes an information desk, security checkpoints, bag check and moving sidewalks that progress you along an elevated pathway toward CityWalk and then through to the entrances to each park.

Transportation Hub

Except for those walking to the parks, you will enter the hub and go through security at the same location which is a central hub with various “spokes” that service the parking decks which are accessed at the same elevation, and the guest drop-off areas which are at ground level and require a trip up an escalator or stairs to get to the hub.

Security Checkpoint

Often the bag check/security checkpoint can be very crowded since all methods of entry funnel into this hub area.

You can do a few things to expedite this process for both yourself, and those waiting behind you:

  1. Look for the “no bag” line at the far left.  If you don’t have a bag, use this line – even if you are travelling with others who need to have their bags checked.  This courtesy will cut-down on the volume of people waiting in line for the bag check process.
  2. Have all the pockets on your bags “unzipped” in advance before you approach the security guard, so they can check inside quickly.  Otherwise they will have you take a step back to do this, and check other people while you are preparing your bag as requested.
  3. Unzip and remove smaller bags that are inside your larger bags, such as toiletry kits or make-up bags.
  4. Avoid bringing beverages.  Guards may also ask you to throw away any water bottles or beverages before entering the park.   This is relatively a new policy, and may have just been in place for Mardi Gras to avoid alcohol being brought in secretly, but just in case… you have been advised!
  5. You do not need your park ticket at this point… so keep that in your pocket or packed away during the security process.

NOTE: When approaching the parks on foot – using the pathways and directional signs – you will terminate your walk at the Valet parking drop-off area, which is actually on the opposite side of the hub from the parking decks and drop-off areas, and as such, closer-in to CityWalk and often less crowded for bag check/security.

Ticketed Entry Process

Every time you enter either park through the front gates – or whenever connecting from one park to another via the Hogwarts Express – you will go through the following process, so be prepared:

  1. Present your ticket to the ticket taker
  2. The ticket taker will scan the barcode on your ticket
  3. Biometric scan – place your finger on the scanner
  4. Green light = proceed
  5. Red light = re-scan your finger*

*NOTE: choose your finger to scan carefully the first time you enter, as you must use the same finger every time you re-scan or the system will not see it as a match.

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