Ride Experience & Single Riders Line at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando Resort

I recommend going through the “normal” or full lines for every ride the first time you ride them.  The ride queues are an experience unto themselves and often help to set-up the story for the ride experience and immerse you in the environment which really adds to the experience.

Ride Experience

Many of the rides leverage the most technically advanced systems in the world, with intricately timed visual, audio and engineering systems that have to work in sync to produce the experience… so at times there are glitches!

If a ride has any complications at all… such as poor/missing audio, screens that do not display or anything else like that that seems “off” – don’t be shy and definitely tell the ride operator as soon as you exit the ride vehicle – and before leaving the loading area – that you experienced an issue.

Be as detailed as possible with describing the issue(s), at what point during the ride the issue happened, and they will most often be very grateful and allow you to re-ride immediately by going through the Child Swap area and not having to wait in line again!  For 3-D rides, you will surrender your glasses as usual for security/sanitary reasons, and they will give you a new clean pair before you re-board the ride.

Single Riders Line

After your first ride, you could consider the “Single Riders” line (if available) because you can get back on the ride usually quicker, but at the expense of bypassing most of the themed queue (e.g. a shortcut).  In this line, you must go 1 at a time even if you are in a group, as the Single Rider line is used to fill-in the ride vehicles whenever there is an odd numbered party and empty seat.  Often your wait will be less than half of the normal posted time, but a lot of people have caught onto this technique, and sometimes it’s actually the same amount of time or longer!

Most importantly: have fun, do everything you can, and immerse yourself in the experience!

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